All of our massage therapists hold a Connecticut MT License, and are members of a major professional organization. All other therapists hold appropriate licensure and all adhere to strict ethical standards.

Danielle Dampf, LMT

Danielle graduated from the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy (CCMT) in 1998. Her work is highly focused, intuitive and always informed by the wisdom of Ayurveda. As the owner and director of Soma, her wish is to assist clients on their path to finding peace and pain relief.

Libby Carrier, LMT

Libby has also studied Ayurvedic body work, is passionate about skin care and also runs a non-profit benefiting the homeless.

Dominic Lucia, LMT

Dominic is a recent addition to our team and has benefitted from the experience of working in diverse working environments, from large spas to a client’s homes. Our clients love his work!

Amy Clow, LMT

Amy graduated from CCMT in 1998 and holds certifications in MAT therapy and TLS weight loss. Her enthusiasm for health and wellness is infectious!

Sarah Kraft, LMT

Sarah provides a seasoned treatment, focusing on detail, attachment sites and relieving stress on postural tension. Great Deep Tissue!

Milvette Betancourt, LMT

Millie provides a variety of treatments, including Cranio Sacral, Level One. Milvette is focused on each client’s needs and hopes to provide relaxation and pain relief to clients. Great at Swedish or Deep Tissue!

Gauri Desrochers

Gauri is an Ayurvedic Astrologer and Yoga & Mantra instructor. She has studied these practices over 16 years and spends part of the year in India with her Guru. She is ardently dedicated to helping clients find true peace by understanding their astrological chart and beginning or deepening their spiritual practice. Find out more here:



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