About Soma







About Soma

Soma is a boutique experience. Our therapists have the time to provide a thoughtful and personalized session to our guests and yet, our menu is extensive. We seek to present a place of solace, comfort, and top notch service. We look forward to your visit!


I have been receiving theraputic massages at Soma Wellness center for several years. Owner Danielle is a truly gifted massage therapist. I couldn’t more strongly recommend Soma. Try them out you won’t regret it. – C.S.


This place has amazing massages tailored for your needs!! They consult with you to see what your needs are before each masssage and are very pleasant. Worth the money!!! -Michelle


I received shirhodhara and it was a really positive experience. she truly cares about what she is doing and it really shows the second you step into Soma…. i can’t wait to go again!! – Cheryl

About Us

Soma means “pertaining to the body” in Greek. In Hindu mythology, the word relates to the Moon (which represents the mind and emotion) and a nectar of immortality. Our goal is to help you attain a deep connection, to plug in to your body & mind. At Soma, we don’t think in terms of appointment time; we consider you our guest, entrusted with your care. Welcome, and enjoy.

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